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VW coolant G12E050A2, antifreeze up to -35 °C, 1L ready mix, Ready mix, G12evo

VW coolant G12E050A2, antifreeze up to -35 °C, 1L ready mix, Ready mix, G12evo

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  • Original VW G12evo 1 liter coolant
  • Coolant ready-mix, ready to fill
  • Volkswagen part number: G 12E 050 A2
  • Also ideal to carry in the trunk as a coolant reserve
  • Can be used in a sealed container for 5 years from the date of manufacture
The VW 1-liter coolant bottle G12E050A2 is an original accessory for Volkswagen vehicles. It is a ready-mixed coolant that was specially developed for VW vehicles and meets the high requirements for cooling performance and corrosion protection. VW G12E050A2 coolant is a mixture of special additives and antifreeze. It offers reliable frost protection down to temperatures of -35°C and protects the engine from overheating, corrosion and deposits. The coolant is compatible with VW vehicles that use coolant type G12, G12+, G13. It is important to use the correct coolant according to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure optimal engine performance and durability. Please note that this information is a general description and further specific information can be obtained from the user manual or from the manufacturer.

Product advantages:

  1. Motor protection :
    • Protects against overheating, corrosion and frost.
    • Combustion and friction heat can cause engines to overheat. The coolant dissipates this heat (circulation cooling).
  2. Corrosion protection :
    • Prevention of corrosion through components that form a perfect protective film on the various metal surfaces in the cooling system.
  3. Avoiding limescale deposits :
    • G12evo prevents limescale deposits that could arise from the cooling water. Such deposits would settle in cooling channels and in the radiator and hinder heat dissipation.
  4. Frost protection :
    • G12evo protects the coolant from freezing. Without this protection, the coolant could suddenly expand and damage the engine.

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