Original engine oil from Volkswagen

Volkswagen engine oil service

Original Volkswagen engine oil has been developed and manufactured specifically for Volkswagen vehicles. It is a high-quality motor oil that meets the requirements of Volkswagen engines and offers them optimal protection and performance.

Volkswagen engine oil is available in different variants, depending on the requirements of the engine and vehicle. There are motor oils for gasoline, diesel engines and hybrid vehicles. Each oil is specifically tailored to the requirements of different engine types and offers optimal lubrication.

Volkswagen engine oil contains additives that protect the engine from wear and corrosion and extend the life of the engine. It is also able to reduce dirt and deposits in the engine and optimize fuel consumption.

In addition, Volkswagen engine oil meets the requirements of the Volkswagen warranty. If the engine oil is changed regularly and it is genuine Volkswagen engine oil, the warranty will not be affected.

It is important that Volkswagen engine oil is changed regularly. Recommended oil change intervals may vary depending on the vehicle and engine type. It is advisable to follow the instructions in the vehicle manual or consult an authorized Volkswagen dealer for the correct oil change intervals.