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VW T-Cross Aero front windshield wiper, 2GM998002

VW T-Cross Aero front windshield wiper, 2GM998002

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Volkswagen T-Cross front wiper blades

- Original Volkswagen Aero windshield wipers

- suitable for all VW T-Cross, from 2019

- Part number: 2GM 998 002

- 1 set = 2x windshield wipers for driver and passenger side

The Volkswagen T-Cross Aero windshield wipers for the front are the ideal original accessories for your VW T-Cross (models from 2019). These high quality windshield wipers, part number 2GM 998 002, provide outstanding visibility and performance in a variety of weather conditions. The scope of delivery includes a set of two wipers, for the driver and passenger side.

Special features

  • Construction : The flat, temple-free shape improves the driver's field of vision. An integrated, narrow spoiler on both sides ensures optimal performance.
  • Material : A rubber mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber (EPDM), coupled with a pre-loaded spring rail, ensures long-lasting functionality and longevity.
  • Three-component wiper rubber : This includes a flexible rubber back, abrasion-resistant rubber lip and a smooth-running coating for minimized friction and trouble-free running.


  • Efficient wiping performance : Even force distribution and precise wiping performance without streaks or streaks. A constant contact pressure of up to 160 km/h ensures a perfect wiping pattern.
  • Flexibility and torsional rigidity : The wipers adapt perfectly to every movement and window contour, so that the rubber lip is always at the optimal angle on the window.
  • Long lifespan : Excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone, extreme temperatures and acid rain. Compatible with Volkswagen Genuine windshield cleaners, reduces wear and increases durability.


  • Reduced noise level : The aero design technology of the wiper blades minimizes wind noise, ensures a quiet driving atmosphere and offers comfortable driving even at high speeds.

For optimal performance and safety, the Volkswagen T-Cross Aero windshield wipers are the ideal choice for your VW T-Cross. Enjoy clear visibility and quiet driving with these high quality, genuine VW wiper blades.

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