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Elli Charger Pro Wallbox with cable 7.5m (Typ2), app, WLAN, LTE & MID electricity meter

Elli Charger Pro Wallbox with cable 7.5m (Typ2), app, WLAN, LTE & MID electricity meter

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Elli Charger Pro Wallbox with integrated 7.5m cable

The Elli Charger Pro Wallbox, the charging solution with app control (via LTE or WLAN), RFID access control and integrated MID electricity meter.

  • up to 11 kW charging power
  • Integrated charging cable 7.5 m
  • LAN, Wi-Fi & LTE (4G) for assembly locations without WLAN reception
  • Control via app
  • Remote software update
  • Access protection through 2 charging cards
  • MID electricity meter, so you can keep an overview at all times

Faster charging times - The Elli Wallbox charges up to 8 times faster than a socket and allows, for example, the ID.3 (Generation 1) to be fully charged in around 6 hours with a charging power of 11 kW, while it can be charged overnight at 7.4 kW being charged.

Universal compatibility - The Elli Charger Pro is equipped with a Type 2 connection and can be used with both current and future electric vehicles from all manufacturers such as VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Cupra, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Fiat, Honda and many more . load.

Security features - With the Charger Pro you can control access restrictions by authorizing vehicles or locking and unlocking the wallbox using 2 included RFID or app.

Networking - The Charger Pro models can be connected to the Internet via WiFi or hardwired via Ethernet to enable additional functions. If WLAN / LAN reception is not possible at the installation location, the box can use the integrated LTE 4G.

App control - With the Elli Charging app you can conveniently control your wallbox from your smartphone, manage charging processes and much more.

Solar forecast charging - If you have a PV system, your wallbox can now predict the best times to automatically charge your vehicle based on forecast weather data.

Fixed cable - The 750cm long Type 2 charging cable is firmly connected to the charger and therefore offers more convenience when connecting and charging.

MID-certified electricity meter - for uncomplicated reimbursement of business charging processes by the employer, as well as transparency in the Elli Charging app.

Note: Electrician required for connection!

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